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East TN Fencing and East TN Landscaping

Sevierville TN Fencing Companies

We install and repair all types of fencing in the East Tennessee area from ornamental aluminum to wooden horse fencing. Looking for chain link fencing for your East TN property, residence or business?  We are chain link specialists and are happy to provide you a free estimate for all your chain link fencing needs.

Protect or enhance your property with a beautiful fencing solution. Since 1982, our focus has been providing quality affordable fencing systems to the East Tennessee area – providing added security and value to homes and businesses alike. Dedicated to your satisfaction and fencing solutions, our experienced fencing contractors can help you with all of your residential or commercial fencing concerns. With several systems to choose from, you can customize your fence to meet your security concerns and budget.

Wooden and High Impact Plastic Fencing

We install all types of wooden and plastic fences.  Redwood, cedar, pressure treated lumber, rustic wood fencing, painted wooden and plastic fences and more.  Standard or custom, we can install a wooden or plastic fence for your residence, commercial property or farm.  Any shape, any height, any spacing, any length with standard or over sized gates. ​


Wooden Privacy Fencing Options

Use the natural beauty of pine or cedar to add security to your property. Custom built wooden privacy fencing is available in a variety of heights and styles to meet your privacy concerns, combining privacy and beauty into your fencing system and our options include:


  • Pressure treated pine or Western red cedar

  • Fence height options – 4,6 or 8 feet

  • Concave or convex, board-on-board, shadowbox style, pickets

  • Matching walk or drive gates

  • Dog-eared tops, French gothic tops, flat top, convex and concave options


Vinyl Fencing Options

Imagine the beauty you can add to your property with a durable and well manicured vinyl fencing system. Choose from a variety of styling options including decorative tops and colors. Residential and commercial vinyl fencing installations. 


  • Privacy or picket vinyl fence options

  • Ranch railing in 3 and 4 rails

  • Privacy fence heights – 4,5,6,and 8 feet

  • Colors – White, tan, and gray

  • Roll gates, swing gates and drive gates


Farm Fencing Options

Shoemaker’s Fencing can help you protect your investments while adding beauty and value to your farm property and pasture lands Choose from a variety of custom fencing options including high tensile, Kentucky board, cross buck, woven wire and barbed wire. Standard fencing size is 4 feet.

Metal Fencing

Wrought iron, ornamental aluminum and steel fences, chain link fences, barb wire fences, painted or unpainted, plain or custom designed, open or with privacy features with standard or over sized gates, including motorized gates.  We can install any type of metal fencing you can imagine, from decorative to high security type fences.​


Ornamental Aluminum Fencing Options

Residential and commercial grade made from steel or aluminum available with a lifetime warranty.


  • Fencing heights from 3 to 10 feet

  • Decorative fencing styles include: Flat tops, speared tops, convex, concave, flat top with spears

  • Color options: Black, white, beige, bronze or green

  • Matching gates: Roll gates, swing gates, drive gates and arched gates


Chain Link Fencing Options

If you need to secure your home or your business' property, chain link fencing is a great material and affordable.  Chain link fencing is available in galvanized and vinyl coated styles wih privacy options. Great for protecting your pets, secure kennels and runs, sports fields and more. Chain link fencing has many other purposes other than securing your home or business’s perimeter. We can provide you a custom built dog run or kennel, Security with maintenance-free chain link fencing solutions.


  • Residential and commercial grade fencing heights from 4 feet to 12 feet

  • Galvanized or vinyl coated in black, brown or dark green

  • Privacy gates, custom gates and sloped gates


Stone and Stone & wood Combination Fencing

Need a custom stone fence?  We can build you a custom stone fence or combination fence with stone and wood or stone and metal.

Railing Systems

Keep your outdoor entryways and decks safe for your family and friends by installing reliable aluminum or vinyl railings. Shoemaker’s Fencing can help you add value and safety to your home or business with custom railing installation.Your entryway and deck railings can be customized to match your existing fence with color and height options to meet your style and property requirements. 


  • Porch railings, deck railings, parking lot railings

  • Aluminum railing colors: Black, white, beige, bronze or green

  • Vinyl railing colors: White and tan

  • Railing heights: 36 or 42 inches



If you just need a new or replacement gate we can take care of that for you to. Wood, steel, wrought iron, chain link, small or large, single or double, sliding or hinged, motorized or non-motorized we can help.​


From decorative to security fencing we will take care of everything including: the survey, design, permitting, installation, and final clean-up. Shoemaker's Landscaping and Fencing is one of the most trusted fencing contractors in the East Tennessee area for the last 30 years. Lifetime and 15 Year Fencing Warranties Available – For reliable and affordable fencing solutions, call the professionals of Shoemaker’s Fencing and Landscaping today at 423-623-7949 for your FREE Estimate or Click Here for our online estimate request.


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